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Menu & Inventory 


All of Tekxcel's POS software come with their own Menu and Inventory features that massively contribute to an efficient restaurant or retailer.

Manage Your Products
Image by Andersen Jensen

Menu Programming

All of Tekxcels' offered POS programs have the ability to program whole menus for easy transactions, maintaining records, managing a consistent cash flow and even contribute to the Inventory features.


Inventory Programming

Tekxcels' POS software has the ability to manage inventory for restaurants as well as for retail stores. The inventory features offer fantastic tools like auto depletion, a fully integrated transaction to inventory management system and order reminders.

Special Features

1. Auto Depletion

All of our POS software has an auto depletion tool for inventory management. This means that for every transaction done, the program will automatically remove that amount for your total inventory and will remind you to make new orders as inventory gets low.

2. Efficently Organized Menu

Organize your menu the way you want with Tekxcels' POS partners like Aldelo, Synetouch, and AST POS. These programs allow for great menu customization features like adding images, color coating your menu items and more.

3. Integrated System

With your inventory, menu and transactions all going through one program, our POS software will automatically integrate all of these features to inform you of depleted inventory, keep track of menu item transactions and so much more.

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