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One of the great perks of shopping with Tekxcel is that most of our hardware and software products come with a full installation.

Free Installations

1. POS, Workstations and Servers

Included with the purchase of any POS, Workstation, Server, and even printers is a free full installation of the product. Your new hardware will be shipped to our office where we will do a full installation and setup to your preferences and then deliver it straight to your business for an onsite installation.

2. All Software

In addition, all our POS software also come with a full installation and personalization of the program. This includes Aldelo POS, Aldelo Express, Synetouch, AST POS products, and CAP Software.

3. Comes with a Contract

Our full IT Support contracts include a full installation of the product as well as a full onsite installation of the products. An IT Support contract includes many other wonderful features that can help reduce the management workload as well as improve efficiency.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

With many services available like Merchant Services, and IT Support, Tekxcel is optimized to prepare any business to grow and succeed.

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