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IT Support

Tekxcel provides impeccable tech support to over 60 restaurants, retail stores, convenience stores, offices, service providers and more! 

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Everything You Need
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Database Maintenance

All POS software and various other software require day-to-day maintenance to sustain a high level of productivity. Tekxcel can monitor the database of these programs, create backups for the business, as well as compact the database when needed.

Motherboard Installation

Consistent Hardware Checkups

Keep your hardware stable and productive with Tekxcel. With our IT contract, our experts can do a run-through of all your hardware to ensure that they are performing sufficiently and replace any items that may need repair.

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Network Management

Several businesses require a complicated network setup and without proper management can lead to office mayhem. Tekxcel will not only manage your business' network but we will set it up for you as well.

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Get 1 Year Free!

Tekxcel offers a full year of free IT support with the purchase of any of our phenomenal POS systems!

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With many services available like Merchant Services, and IT Support, Tekxcel is optimized to prepare any business to grow and succeed.

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