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Along with the purchase of one of our dependable POS programs comes with a full training session either on-site or at our office.!


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Aldelo POS

Used by over 70,000 restaurants and bars across the country, Aldelo is a POS software designed to simplify the restaurant process while maintaining important data and increasing efficiency. When you get an Aldelo product through Tekxcel it comes with a basic on-site training session and a full training session in our office free of charge. 

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A fully featured and affordable POS system. This iPad based POS software is great for taking orders, managing transaction records, loyalty programs and even has total EMV integration. Just like with Aldelo, when you get Synetouch through Tekxcel, we offer a basic on-site training session and a full training session in our office freeof charge.


CAP Software

Designed for retail and service providers, CAP POS is great for fast and efficient transactions within your business. Included with CAP Software is a full installation and training session. One training session on-site for basic functions and if you want to get into the many great features, you can come into the office for a free full training session.

Android Epic 1.png

Vigore POS &

Android Epic POS

Vigore POS and Android Epic POS are extremely dependable and affordable POS solutions. Both of these products, if purchased from Tekxcel come with a basic on-site training session as well as a full in-office training session.

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