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Food Trucks

The right POS system for a food truck provides everything you need to accept different types of payments, track popular orders, and keep lines moving fact Ask us about the right POS system for your food truck.

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CAP Software

Store interiors

Designed for retail and service providers, CAP POS is great for fast and efficient transactions within your business. With CAP POS' features like end of the day processes, inventory management, coupon and loyalty service, and so much more! Build customer satisfaction, improve transaction speeds, set up automatic inventory management, all of this and more are amazing possibilities with CAP Software.


IT Support

With a well trained staff of experienced IT specialist, Tekxcel can offer excellent Technical support services. In addition, a purchase of one of our reliable POS systems comes with a FREE year of IT Support!


Merchant Services

Be ready for any transaction! Tekxcel has the tools to help your restaurant process credit and debit card transactions as well as google pay, apple pay and other forms of payment. 



POS installations can often be complicated but with our well experienced staff we will do all the preparation work right here in our office and finish the full installation for you at your business!

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POS Training

Get completely comfortable with our great POS software and hardware. Tekxcel offers full training sessions for our clients so that way they can use our software and hardware to their full capabilities. In addition, a full training session is included with the purchase of a POS system and program!

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

With many services available like Merchant Services, and IT Support, Tekxcel is optimized to prepare any business to grow and succeed.

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