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Android Epic POS

Android Epic POS by AST POS is an efficient, reliable and affordable mobile Android POS.  Designed to be the perfect fit for any restaurant, Android Epic POS by AST POS carries several features that will make managing your restaurant easy and proficient!

Android Epic POS Options


Epic POS Lite is a truly standalone POS unit used through an Android Tablet. This program removes the need for any sort of internet/wifi as well as the need for a server. Everything functions directly within the tablet which makes it a great affordable option that still carries all the tools of a great POS program.



Epic POS Pro carries all the tools that come with Epic POS Lite with the added features that greatly increase the abilities of an already amazing POS program. With Epic POS Pro, you can integrate several Android devices to take orders, manage employees and utilize any of the several other practical features. Equip yourself with the ability to accomplish more with Epic POS Pro.

Why Android POS?

1. Be mobile with Android Epic POS.

Android Epic POS Lite and Pro are both fully mobile. Being based in Android, these programs work on any android tablet which allows your servers to be fully mobile within the restaurant. Whether it be at the table, at the counter or even at a customer's front door, Android Epic POS allows you to complete full transactions in with full mobility.

2. All the features of Vigore POS.

Android Epic POS carries all of the fantastic features in ASTPOS' Vigore POS while being on an affordable and fully mobile android device. These include the quick service feature, the ability to create rewards programs, gift cards, and so much more!

Several Features

Quick Service

In Vigore POS' quick-service menu, an employee can take an order and pay in as little as 3 clicks!

Employee Payroll & Time Cards

Vigore POS allows employees and management to clock in & out, take breaks, and edit time cards directly from the software. In addition, you can connect these to the employee payroll program to easily manage your team's payroll.

Inventory Tracking

Vigore POS has the ability to automatically track all of your inventory. So, as you make orders, Vigore POS will let you know when to restock your inventory and even which vendor to order from.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

Create your own gift cards and loyalty programs that are perfect fits for your restaurant! With our loyalty program, you can set up your own rewards and systems for how to achieve these rewards, which will help customers interact with your restaurant.

Online Ordering Apps & Kiosk Capabilities.

Vigore POS is equipped with some of the most recent technological features that even that largest restaurant business have.These features include the ability to make your own online ordering app and being able to setup a kiosk for customers to make full orders on their own.

Email & Text Alerts

Another fantastic tool included in Vigore POS is the ability to send local email & text alerts. What this means is for those who have your app you can send alerts with coupons, deals and even just an alert that you're open for nearby customers.

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